My favorite city in the United States is San Francisco but the first thing I ALWAYS realize every time I get there is that it's always colder than I expected it to be. So the one piece that came in handy pretty much every day I was there was the Le Tote jacket from Cupcake and Cashmere. It's the black jacket shown in the photo. I fell in love with it actually, but it comes at a steep retail price of $112 so I've decided (after much thought) not to purchase it. If I choose to keep wearing it, it will be my go-to-jacket at Le Tote. The gray and white sweater/jacket went well with my culotte pants but it was an item I ended up keeping just for slightly chilly Los Angeles evenings. The piece of jewelry went unworn, unfortunately. I appreciate jewelry... to look at. But, for some reason, putting it on just doesn't interest me. As it is something I've learned about myself, I will stick to just renting handbag accessories in the future (and scarves for colder days). So far, this was my favorite packet. I've sent it back and will see what's next. I'm not crazy about their new collections but I do like a couple of their jackets. But its spring now and time for some lighter fare. So we'll see what I pick out...


So I returned my last packet and picked out three new items to take with me. I'll be heading to San Francisco in about a week and want to rent clothes that will fit the occasion. I've picked out a necklace (which is rare for me because I rarely, if ever, wear jewelry); I've also picked out a sweater; and I've selected a black jacket. With my culottes and flowery skirts, I think they may go well together. We'll see!


My first foray into renting clothes came about a month ago when there were a lot of fancy events to attend and I realized I just didn't have enough outfits. I didn't have time to go on a shopping spree, I didn't have money to buy two or three outfits, so I decided to rent some clothes. I had heard about it through a blogger's tweets and thought, now is as good a time as any to try it. So I started with Le Tote. Cut to a month later and I love it. I had thought about canceling after three months but I'm on my second month and, for the moment, will continue with it. This is what I currently have in my packet.

My next items will be lighter, as spring is now here. I send my packet off on Monday and I can't wait.