I love fashion, I love experimenting with clothes, and I love renting clothes. It took me a while to try it because I wasn’t sure about the idea. But now that I’ve tried it (I’m with LeTote), I plan to rent clothes indefinitely. I’ve listed the clothing rental companies that rent designer clothes, maternity clothes, casual clothes, and accessories. Browse them and see what’s best for you. I'm constantly doing my homework to see what rental clothes companies are out there, so if you hear of a new one, please let me know.


When I first heard about renting clothes, it was at Rent The Runway. I was dying to try it out but, at the time, they were only available in NYC (and I'm in Los Angeles). They have since opened a store in Woodland Hills, which is not too far from me. This is the place to go if you need a designer dress for a special night out. Check out Rent The Runway's instagram page.


Unlimited is the casual end of Rent the Runway. They cost $139/month but you can exchange the 3 items they send you any time, so that you're always rotating your closet. Their clothes are lovely but the monthly rental cost is a little steep for me.


Le Tote is where I currently rent my clothes from and I love it. The beauty of Le Tote is that you get to pick your own items (if you so choose). In other words, they select 3 items for you and you can swap them out for items you prefer. They have different monthly levels. I selected their $39/month with $5 insurance. You can also wear/send back their clothes as often as you wish. I tend to keep things at least for a week before I ask for a new package.


Armarium is very high end and caters to those interested in luxury fashion. You can rent out a designer outfit and even call on a stylist for professional help. This article about their pop-up shop in Los Angeles does well to describe what they offer. I also love this review of Armarium's service.


Style Lend's rental time is 7 days or 14 days and you are literally renting from someone else's closet so they may or may not have your size. Here is a link to someone at Business Insider who gave it a try. Their Yelp reviews are excellent, though, and it seems you can rent a designer dress for $150, which is a good deal.


Vow To Be Chic is just for bridesmaid dresses so its something to consider if you're a bridesmaid and realize you don't have a dress. Or if you're planning a wedding and want to rent the dresses instead of having your bridesmaid buy them. Their dresses are pretty.


The Ms. Collection starts at $39/month for their casual collection, $45 for their business apparel, and $35/month for their accessories. If you're feeling experimental, this company is good because they select three items a month for you (after you give them an idea of what you prefer). The blogger Pocket Full of Joules offers a review of their service. There are also comments from others who have tried it.


Gwynnie Bee is for plus size ladies so I can't give them a try as I am a size 6. The site does look promising though. Five items start at $99/month.


Renting maternity clothes is a perfect idea if you're pregnant, right? Because who wants to purchase clothes they'll only wear for a few months, anyway. Mine For Nine caters to pregnant women and although I don't see myself using this in the near future, I think it's a great sell.


This is another site that offers maternity clothes. A stylist picks out 10 items for you, sends them out, and you can rotate them constantly within that month.


Rent Maternity Wear offers great competition over its competitors. It's the cheapest of the three and they do offer designer pieces, which is nice. I haven't seen any activity lately from recent renters, though, and their twitter feed hasn't been updated since 2014.
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